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Outdoor Decor Wishlist For Under $100

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I've been dying to redo our backyard for - quite literally - years now, and while this year was supposed to be the year we finally finish it, it's been raining nonstop. Since the first day of spring [March 20 incase you were wondering] we have had a total of 8-10 days of clear, sunny warm weather. You'd think I'm exaggerating and, sadly, I wish I was but it has quite literally rained, snowed, or been overcast every other day since March 20th. And I am extremely unhappy with it. I'm a person who's mood is seriously affected by the weather. Having been born and raised in Texas, then growing up in Kelowna, warm weather [or at least sunshine] is something of a necessity for me. But before I get on a rant regarding the weather, which I can very easily do, I'll stop while I'm ahead and share the things on my wishlist for when we finally do get to redo our backyard.

Wicker and rattan are just one of a few must-haves on my backyard decor wishlist. Thank goodness I have a backyard Pinterest inspo board saved to help me get an overall idea of the vibe I'm going for. As some might recall, since we're saving for Italy, a backyard redo on a budget is a necessity. Check these out, all for under $100!

Outdoor Lantern


Outdoor String Lights


Concrete Pot Planter


Wicker Hanging Planter Set


Area Rug


Rattan Stool



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