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6 Tips For Traveling On A Budget

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This past week I was in San Francisco with the Dynamite team. Although we were only there for 3 days, we saw and did so much. One of the highlights was touring the city with a tour bus company, called Bespoke, and learning all about the history of San Fran. Funnily enough, I lived in SF for a couple of years nearly 10 years ago and never knew about its history until this trip. It’s really got me thinking I should take a tour bus excursion with every new city I go to because learning about SF was actually really interesting and fun. I majored in history at one point in college so maybe the “fun” pertains to the fact that I’m already really interested in history. Either way, I love to travel. It’s probably my favorite thing in life- going to a new city and exploring all that the world has to offer.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

-Saint Augustine


But, sadly, traveling is very expensive and when you’ve got the travel bug, it’s hard when you’re limited. With all the traveling I’ve done I’ve come up with a few travel hacks to keep things budget friendly. No, you might not be able to visit Paris or London in all it’s glory but you can still experience really amazing places on a dime.



1. Book off the beaten path

When Kevin and I booked our Philippines trip we had a pretty tight budget in mind. {Check out the Philippines travel blog here}. Although flights are expensive, once you’re there you can live the life for super cheap. To be honest, I almost prefer these types of trips as opposed to the luxurious areas of the world. Don’t get me wrong, staying at The Four Seasons in Paris isn’t something I’d pass up if I could, but experiencing the lesser known areas of the world and totally submerging yourself in the culture is an experience and feeling like no other. I learned so much about the culture and social norms in the Philippines, something I was completely clueless to before. It was incredibly eye opening. Places like Egypt, although their rough reputation, are very affordable to stay, as long as you’re smart and book with a tour or go with a friend or two.


2. Airbnb, hostel, couchsurf

Okay, even I’ll admit, Couchsurf, for me, would be a tough one although I know friends who have done it and had fine experiences. Either way, there are many great, more affordable, alternatives to hotels. Airbnb is one of my favorites and they often come with a kitchen {see #5}.


3. Walk, bike, or public transportation

Whenever I travel I rarely Uber or taxi. In fact, I think even if I had unlimited funds I would often choose the alternative. Of course, not every area your travel to warrants for these alternative methods but most do. In Tulum, Kevin and I rented bikes and rode pretty much everywhere, in New York I lived off of the public transportation, in the Philippines we either rented scooters or walked everywhere… You get my drift. Taxi’s will add up far more than biking ever will, and, bonus, you’re doing your part in sparing the environment’s health at the same time.


4. Non-peak travel dates

Whenever I’m booking, unless it happens to fall under “monsoon season” in the Caribbean, I always book the non-peak travel dates. A quick search on Google or Trip Advisor will help you figure out these dates. Whenever you’re booking, non-peak travel dates are always cheaper- cheaper hotels, flights, sometimes even drinks! Almost every aspect of the trip is lowered in cost as tourist season isn’t full fledge during these times.


5. Cook your own meals

This one isn’t always admissible if you’re booking a room without a mini kitchen, but my way around that is hitting up the cheaper restaurants/ fast food spots or bringing snacks with you. I always plan the restaurants through TripAdvisor {read more on this in #6}. I’m a person who snacks all day long so I always make sure to bring nuts, protein bars, etc with me whenever I travel. They’re easy to stash in your purse and always a life saver.


6. Plan and prepare

I feel like this one is a no-brainer and almost considered not adding it to this list but I think it’s such an important and significant part of travel I had to add it in. Whenever I’m booking travels I literally plan months in advance. I look up reviews, hot spots, compare prices between every aspect {restaurants especially} and I always put together a mock up of all expenditures. If planning isn’t really your thing this might seem like a bore but it’s so worth it in the end. Of course, visiting these places and chatting with locals might even give you more insight into spending hacks within the area, but being prepared always helps with staying within your budget.





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