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This year I'm taking spring cleaning to an entirely new level. Kevin and I had so much fun redoing our bedroom the other week that we're redoing the office and then going to start on the backyard. We had left our backyard unfinished for three years now, yes, three whole years, as it just sits, year after year, with dirt and tarp. Every year we hope to get around to it but things just get in the way. This year we're finally doing it! Which means I'll finally have a backyard to lay out in, or plant my own herbs, or veggies, or maybe a raspberry bush... okay, I'm getting side tracked. 


Yesterday we went to our recent home away from home {Home Depot} to grab some more supplies. I can't wait to share the progress! This is what I wore. I'm so happy that it's finally warm enough to not wear socks and pull out the wicker bag! I think my next purchase will be the net bag I've been seeing a lot of lately. Thoughts?










There's just something about a simple jeans and tee look paired with heels that makes me feel my best.




CLUB MONACO GREY TEE {similar link below}




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