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The 411 On Gifted Product

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It’s pretty obvious these days that bloggers get gifted product. But I first want to start out by saying that if you’re blogging simply to get free products, you’re in it for the wrong reasons and likely won’t succeed in the long haul. Here’s why: Blogging takes time and patience, and lots of it. I’ve been blogging on and off for just over 3 years now and building a genuine following has been a slow and steady climb. Although inconsistency has been my biggest downfall, I’ve stuck with it for so long because I genuinely love it. I love to write, to share, to inspire, and to, at one point, say this was my full time career. Then, overtime, the free products came.


Here’s the thing about gifted product: they come after lots of time and effort, and it’s very exciting at first but after a while you’ll start to realize that free products don’t equal paying your bills and food. Don’t get me wrong, I still certainly accept gifted products in exchange for promotion but I’m a lot more selective in said products. Let me explain further.


Nothing irks me more than seeing bloggers get taken advantage of by companies. In my opinion, watch companies are often the worst for this and I don’t know why. They take advantage by expecting so much {I.e. 3 IG posts, 1 blog post/ review, IG stories, and exclusivity}, all for a $150 watch. This is where you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. In reality, you’re simply letting go of a watch if not. I get emails every day asking for so much simply for one small item. On the other hand, if you genuinely love a product then negotiating on posts is totally fair. When I’m accepting a free product I, of course, always expect to share an IG post because I wouldn’t be accepting that product if I didn’t love it in the first place. It’s common courtesy and an unspoken agreement between brands and influencers. And if I really love it, I’ll share on my IG stories too. But when a brand comes at you expecting a bunch of posts right off the bat all for one free item, that’s where I draw the line. As an influencer, you should be taxing on your gifted items because they technically are a form of payment, so in reality, you’re losing money on something as is. You work hard to create content and put out the best you have, you take time to generate a collective community of readers who have come to trust, admire, and respect your opinion, so you deserve to be compensated for your efforts. I’m not saying don’t accept free gifts, some brands simply just don’t have the budget and I get that, as someone starting a new business venture herself, it’s tough! I’ll still work with certain companies if I love their product, but just know the line between an authentic, organic collaboration and a forced one. At the end of the day, is the juice worth the squeeze?


White Lace top Baret www.loveambervictoria.com
White Lace top Baret www.loveambervictoria.com


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