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How He Proposed

NYC proposal


When Kevin and I first started dating, 4 years ago, he went on a boys trip to NYC. Being born as an American and spending half of my life in Texas, naturally I had travelled throughout most of the States. Yet, I had never been to New York. So it’s safe to say I was pretty jealous he was going. Since then he knew about my curiosity and itch for visiting New York.


Year after year had passed and each year I would tell myself that I would attend NYFW the following year but, obviously, never did. Finally, a few months before September 2016 {F/W NYFW} I started looking at flights and planning my trip. After realizing how insanely expensive the trip would be I was ready to kibosh the whole thing until Kevin insisted that we go. He wanted my first time in New York to be with him and to make it the most memorable trip for me, knowing how badly I had wanted to go for years. Little did I know, the proposal was going to happen!


how he proposed New York marriage proposal

We were such babies in the above photo. {Taken 3 years ago!}


When we arrived at the airport {I still can’t believe I am this forgetful} I completely forgot my wallet, which had my ID, credit card, etc. I only had American cash on me, which I knew wouldn’t be enough, and, of course, my passport/ luggage. The lady checking us in felt for me and moved us up to Economy Plus- such a nice surprise, and now regular economy will never be the same.


When we landed in New York it was around 5pm {rush hour}. We didn’t get to our hotel until roughly 6:30pm in which we had to shower and grab a quick bite before heading to a Maybelline party for 8:30pm. But Kevin was extremely adamant on visiting the Top Of The Rock before going to this party. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. At this moment, I had a feeling something was up.


the proposal story New York
the proposal story New York


After we rushed {faster than ever} to get ready and leave to visit The Top Of The Rock, we got there and saw how insanely long the line up was. I’ve seriously never seen a bigger line in my life; had to have been a 3 hour wait, at least! Kevin went up to the front desk to speak with someone as I waited near the door; next thing I knew we were being escorted up by a man in a suit and skipping the entire line! At this point I definitely had a hunch about the proposal.


5 short minutes later and a quick elevator ride, we were up at the top overlooking all of the beautiful city lights of New York. I can hear people saying “awe” and “oh my gosh, look,” and as I turn to tell him how worth the rush this was, I look over and he’s kneeling down on one knee. During which he had an amazing speech planned out; something along the lines of, “Amber, we’ve really been through it all together and even still, I would rather go through a treacherous rainstorm with you than have rainbows with somebody else…” and, to be honest, at that point I had kind of blacked out. I was so nervous and shocked and speechless and overwhelmed and beyond joyed, I don’t remember what else was said. But all I know is I definitely did my part in saying “yes!”


New York marriage proposal
New York marriage proposal


The picture on the right was taken shortly after the proposal. We finished our night off by celebrating at an unbelievable Maybelline rooftop party with some of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models and a few other bloggers I really admire. It was truly, obviously, the best night of my entire life. Next to our engagement party, which you can check out here.


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