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Three times the suede

Three times the suede in this outfit: boots, purse, and jacket. I think it’s safe to say I love suede. Although the fabric isn’t the best to wear during rainy or wet seasons, I still manage to rock it with protective spray. I mean, common, I’m not just going to stop wearing my favorite fabric just because the weather won’t cooperate!

All jokes aside, suede really is a favorite of mine, and tied in with cozy knits like this scarf is a major win. My all-time favorite outfits to wear include jeans and booties. I always feel my absolute best in these items. I feel chic, yet casual, and with the added scarf, cozy too.  They really are staple items. Try to name one other person besides Lady Gaga who doesn’t own a single pair of jeans? I bet you can’t. I also paired all three suede’s which happened to be the same, or very similar, in color. I love matching two colors within an outfit, whether it be jacket and purse, or purse and shoes, or shoes and scarf, having at least two matches always makes an outfit look complete to me. And don’t forget to accessorize with sunnies (sunglasses).

A few favorite suede pieces to add to your wishlist:

Jacket (and under $100) here

Theory top here

Scarf similar here

Lucky Brand jeans here

Steve Madden booties here

Gucci dionysus bag here

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