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Top 5 Favorite Duster Coats

eileen fisher duster cream navy pant gucci bag

Some days I just feel like classing it up a bit more than other days. It's nice because there are a few days out of the week where I'll literally be sitting at my desk in sweats, or wearing my PJs from the previous night, and I won't get up to leave until that evening. So when I have things to do during the day I like to dress it up, and I find duster coats are a great way to create a chic look without a lot of time or effort. This isn't the first time I've talked about duster coats, they were a hot commodity a year ago and still are today. I really like how the one I'm wearing is short sleeve- so perfect for the sweltering hot days we've been having.

In other news, I leave for New York on Friday and still haven't packed, which is very unlike me. I'm usually quite organized. Wondering if I should do a "What to pack for New York" post next week? What do you guys think?

duster coat neutral drawstring pant
eileen fisher duster cream navy pant gucci bag stairs




Eileen Fisher



White Silk

The Row








Miss Selfridge






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