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VENICE Travel Guide

yellow dress gondola ride venice

We just got back from spending 16 days in Italy and let me just say, what a rush! Aside from getting my phone jacked, it was the most perfect honeymoon I could've ever dreamed of! [Apologies in advance for the pixelated photos here] I had so many beautiful scenic photos to share of Venice and Florence but I'll have to reuse photos I've already posted from these places since those are the only ones I have remained. Also, disclosing this now- I am really ill upon writing this post, running a fever, dizzy and congested, etc [I always manage to get sick when I fly] so if there are some errors, please bare with me.

Although we landed in Milan we were really only there for a quick overnight stay and didn't do much exploring at all so I don't really count Milan as one of the stops we made on this trip. We took the train into Venice the next morning and made a quick stop at our hotel before heading out for a day of exploring. We only spent one night in Venice and I'm glad we did because I honestly would've been bored the next day if we had stayed another night. I had heard lots from friends who had been that you really only need 1-2 nights in Venice and they were right.

We saw all the cool things there were to see in a day: We took a gondola ride through the cool little canals and saw the grand canal, walked over the Rialto Bridge, went to the top of the Scala Contarini Del Bovolo for some magnificent views and sipped drinks in St. Mark's Square. I'm happy having seen Venice and experienced it, and I recommend seeing it at least once if you haven't, but it wouldn't be a must stop for me again.

Our walk to dinner through the canals.

Visiting Scala Contarini Del Bovolo.

The Rialto bridge behind me.

Now for the Venice Italy travel details


Where we stayed:

  • Hotel Il Sogno di Giulietta e Romeo. A great location right in the heart of Venice and the hotel is super cute. Would recommend staying there.


Where we ate:

  • L’Osteria di Santa Marina for dinner. Cutest little restaurant, so cozy and homely and the food was unreal. Get the pasta or the fish!
  • Gelatoteca Suso for gelato. So good but expect to wait in line!
  • Antico Forno for pizza/ lunch. Although you really can't go wrong with pizza in Italy.


Things to do:

  • You obviously can't miss the gondola ride- it's the main attraction.
  • The Scala Contarini Del Bovolo has incredible views if you're up for a spiral stairs climb. I also recommend checking out Piazza San Marco bell tower [we didn't get the chance to go here but I had originally wanted to] it has a panoramic view of Venice but apparently there are long wait times.
  • Have a drink in St. Mark's Square and just people watch.


Like I said earlier, I would recommend visiting Venice if you haven't but you really only need 1-2 nights here. After this we took the train into Florence and stayed for 4 nights. Stay tuned- sharing that later this week!



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