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A Weekend Getaway to Palm Springs

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This past weekend Kevin and I took a quick trip down to California. The trip was really twofold- a mini vacation, which we desperately needed, but more so to shoot for my new line: Boor {more on that later}. We visited Palm Springs and the surrounding areas, which was really cool considering I had never been there before even though I used to live in LA many years ago. It was the perfect weekend getaway. Although lots of it was work related, it was still romantic as ever with my beau.


Palm Springs restaurants the pink door
Palm Springs restaurants pool bikini


Palm Springs was incredible and I’m glad I got to experience my first time there without the craziness of Coachella. We sipped drinks by the pool and dined outside looking at the stunning scenery and sunset all around us. I was told we really lucked out with the weather since it had been non-stop raining the weeks prior.. *phew*. Palm Springs restaurants are amazing. Every place we went to had an incredible menu, the dreamiest patio, and an all around awesome vibe. I’d say book resos before hand though. Although I did book us one at Birba, we missed it by 15 minutes and there was already a line waiting when we arrived at 5:30pm. We then walked down the street and found every restaurant was packed. I noticed Palm Springs restaurants fill up fast! We ended up eating Mexican {my favorite} at a place called Blue Coyote. Unreal margs and overall vibe. We sat outside, I made friends with a dog {what’s new}, and we reminisced over our life together and our favorite travel memories so far. The next morning we woke up at the crack of dawn, literally, and drove out to Joshua Tree for my shoot. Definitely a highlight of the trip.


Joshua Tree Cactus garden sunrise
Palm Springs restaurants joshua tree


By the time we were done, we left around noon and headed back into LA. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, traffic and taxes in LA are the two worst things about living there. After we sat in traffic for about 3.5 hours, we arrived at our hotel. We stayed along Venice beach and had dinner/ hung out in that area for the rest of the day.


As a side note, whenever I travel I put together an itinerary. Not to be mistaken with Caribbean vacations; for those kinds of vacations I like to relax by the beach and drink all day. But when I’m traveling throughout a city or foreign country, I like to do lots and see lots. I realize this type of traveling isn’t for everyone, especially the people who like to “go with the flow” but it really works for me and I know Kevin appreciates it too because I get him to do things out of his comfort zone, or something he otherwise wouldn’t have done. I will have researched a place so extensively that I’ll be able to tell locals where to go! For this trip, aside from our shoot, I catered it to him. I picked places I knew he’d like and enjoy {this is where my pain-in-the-ass organization comes in handy} and Runyon hike was just one of the many things I knew he’d love. Because we were there for such a short time, I really had to be selective even though there was so much more of LA I wanted to show him. I mean, after all, we will be living there soon!


Palm Springs restaurants itinerary

*Wearing my Boor hat pictured above. Shop BOOR here.*


I jam packed this trip with activities. And, surprisingly, we did every single one of them. Everything went according to plan. It was perfect and so romantic. I love traveling with Kevin, he’s my best friend and we do so well together whenever we travel. There’s not many people -in fact, no other person- I can spend 24-7 with for days on end and not get annoyed/angry with. We finished off the trip by meeting up with a friend of mine who lives in Venice and had drinks on a rooftop overlooking the sunset. It still blows my mind that people there do this every day and it’s nothing new. I can’t wait to live there again one day soon.


Are you an activities person or a relaxed, go-with-the-flow kind of person when traveling? 



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