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Weekend Wear No.1

weekend wear designer jeans

This weekend I plan on binge watching “13 Reasons Why” and dedicating my time to some much needed r&r (rest and relaxation). Also known as, Netflix and my bed. Is it just me or does that show just plain depress anyone else? I’m conflicted because I’ve watched half of it with my hubs but now he’s back working out of town and I feel like I need to finish the show. I’ve put in the time. I’m one of those people who can’t not finish something- especially when it comes to TV.

On another note, this is my first post of a ‘weekend wear’ series I’m starting. Casual wear for every day weekend attire. I’m all about high fashion, unique style, and modern suiting, but sporting a look for everyday style is a great way to inspire those who don’t work corporate. And let’s be honest, everyone, and I mean everyone, dresses casual at some point. This Friday I’m dressed in a Zara striped blouse, Zara camel coat, Anthropologie designer denim, and Kendall + Kylie booties. I have a serious thing for the asymmetrical, parallel jeans. Finding a really good pair of denim jeans with a straight leg and raw hem was really high on my list. And these jeans checked off every item on that list. Definitely worth the invest in my opinion.

coffee camel coat stripesankle boots camel coat anthropologie designer jeans

Designer denim:

designer jeans pointed toe bootiessitting nude booties camel coat designer jeans

Zara camel coat similar here

Zara striped blouse similar here

Anthropologie jeans here

Kendall + Kylie booties here

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