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What I’m Packing For Italy

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Our trip is now only 2 days away and I spent this past weekend planning and packing. We're there for 2 weeks, which means 14 different outfits, plus a little extra because, well, I'm extra. I shared one of my itineraries with you on my Instagram stories so you know I'm a bit of a pyscho when it comes to planning and travel but honestly, it's the only way I like to travel. I'm a type A personality down to my very core so, for me, there's really no other way.
If you happened to see my itinerary then you know I put a lot of work into each one. If you're wondering how I plan for my trips, you should check out my blog post on it here. Italy is still going to be really hot while we're there but it cools down at night so I took that into account when packing- I get cold so easily. If it's not above 20°C, I'm cold. Also, the streets of Italy are all so beautiful and picturesque but cobble stone streets are tough to walk on if you don't have the right footwear so I took that into consideration as well. I mean, I love wearing heels but I know I need to be practical here.


So, in case you were wondering what to wear in Italy here's my packing list:


Okay, I packed maybe 15 or so but this is one of my favorites. I always take into account the architecture around me when I'm packing so I can arrange an outfit that will look beautiful next to it. I love the yellow color of this dress, perfect for Positano and Venice!


Romance and silk go hand in hand and if you're wondering what to wear in Italy, romance is a must. I packed a few date night dresses but this one is definitely my favorite.  Original credit goes to Orseund Iris.


Because they're now a staple in my wardrobe, I'm bringing atleast 10 crop tops with me. This one I plan on also using as a cute beach top cover up. I love the shimmer it has.


I'm also bringing flat sandals. Like I said, the cobble stone streets in heels would be a challenge so cute flats are a staple. As a side note, I plan on also bringing these sneakers with me for those extra long days of walking!


Okay, okay- I know I said denim shorts are so uncomfortable to sit in!! But that doesn't mean I can't bring them for some cute photos, right? Denim is such a staple in my every day wardrobe, I just can't do without them. I'm also bringing a cute white denim skirt that I'll likely wear a few times over.


For those chillier nights, I'm bringing only a couple of sweaters.


Last but not least, swimwear! I've recently been favoring the Myra Swim line. I owe it to 3 Girls Swimwear for introducing me to this line. I'm completely obsessed.


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