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Why I Didn’t Have A Bridal Shower

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I find the whole wedding process to be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. You not only have to plan the entire wedding process but adding in extra parties is a whole other ball game. I mean all these parties and all the planning that goes with it:

  • The Engagement party
  • The Bachelorette party
  • The Bridal Shower
  • The Wedding

Kevin and I had a small, impromptu engagement party with our closest friends and family last year. I loved it because everything was essentially done for us. We made a facebook group rather than sending out formal invites, which I realize is the lazy man’s game but hey, it was one less detail we needed to worry about. We hired a photographer. We blocked off the Crash restaurant/ bar area for 3 hours of the night and selected our┬áhors d’oeuvres/ champagne to be served throughout the night. Easy peasy. And it ended up being the best night ever! I’ve found in the past when you put too much emphasis on something, you create expectations, and expectations can lead to disappointment. Our engagement party was simply perfect.



So I hadn’t mentioned this before, which might be a question as to why our Banff venue‘s didn’t work out but during my 9-month stint in New York I had to post-pone our wedding. This caused us to lose our deposit and our Banff Fairmont slot. However, it truly ended up working out to be the absolute best because after our wedding 2 weeks ago, I truly couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect. Everything truly does happen for a reason, but more on that later.




So why didn’t I have a bridal shower?

I didn’t want a bridal shower because, to be honest, I didn’t want to plan yet another party. I also feel that because we had our engagement party, a bachelorette party, and then the wedding coming up, I didn’t want yet another party thrown in my honor. I saw it as just another reason to give more gifts and celebrate me. That being said, had someone thrown me one, of course I would have been excited. I mean any excuse for a party is right by me. At the same time though, I’m just as happy not having had one because of money, time, more planning, etc. Plus, the majority of my family live far away and are spread all throughout the States, so having them fly out for not one but two parties seemed ridiculous. So instead of having a bridal shower, I got together with some my family and friends who do live here, and we had wine and game night. A perfectly impromptu, relaxed non-celebration, celebration.





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