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Why I Can’t Do Eyelash Extensions

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Let me start by saying i love the look of lash extensions. I think they’re gorgeous and I envy the girls who can rock them for many reasons, but the main being that you really don’t need any added eye makeup when you have them! They look so naturally pretty and girly. Lashes make such a huge difference when it comes to the eye. I don’t know about you but whenever I add my mascara, I instantly feel better. It’s one of the few makeup products I simply can’t live without. If only I had extensions- it would shave off an extra 15 or so minutes for me every morning when getting ready. *Insert praise hands emoji*.


false lashes eye makeup
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*Glam with false lashes & mascara  vs.  no false lashes and no mascara. 🙂



Like everything, eyelash extensions have their pros and cons. I’ve tried lash extensions multiple times, from different technicians, but could never get used to the feeling. To be honest, they’re high maintenance AF but I think the feeling of having them on was really what deterred me most. Plus, I don’t have the patience. Like having a set of nails, you’ll need to visit the technician every 3-4 weeks. You can’t wear mascara, need to sleep with a special eye mask [unless you only sleep on your back], you’ll need to take shorter showers because the steam isn’t great for them, going swimming in chlorine isn’t recommended, you’ll need to get lash-extension friendly makeup removers and eyeliners, you should to brush them with a spoolie brush in the morning, before bed, and after a shower, and forget about rubbing your eyes. I’m a chronic “eye-rubber” in the shower. I’ve also been told from 3 different technicians to get a silk pillowcase because it’s better on the lashes [if I’m not using an eye mask, that is], which really wasn’t a problem for me considering I already use a silk pillowcase. But with that being said, that is a lot of commitment for lashes. One, I’ve decided, amongst the feeling, that I just don’t have the patience for.


When it really comes down to it, I can deal with the high maintenance aspects of being a “girly” girl. Getting my uber voluminous hair takes me over an hour to do, I don’t have shellac or gel nails but I do paint them twice a week and file/ maintain them every other day; I enjoy getting “dolled up” by taking a little extra time to do a glam makeup look every other day… these are some of the higher maintenance aspects I really don’t mind adding to my routine but when it comes to eyelash extensions the cons just outweigh the pros for me. Everybody’s idea of the juice being worth the squeeze is different. My girlfriend swears by lash extensions. She said they’ve completely changed her makeup routine and she won’t ever go without them again. For me, I like rocking a set of falsies for an afternoon and then being able to take them off at night. I do, however, envy the look of having glam lashes at all times with the bonus of them actually looking real. Maybe one day I’ll try again, but, for now, falsies and eye rubbing is my jam.


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*Wearing only mascara- look at those baby lashes!



What are your thoughts on lash extensions? Do you have a pair?


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