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Why I Didn’t Do A Giveaway Series Over The Holidays


You might’ve noticed the last two years I had done a 10 days of giveaways series. Like many, I found it to be a wonderful way to give back to my readers. I mean, after all, readers are who we write for, why wouldn’t we do everything we can to thank them! Here’s the thing though, over the years the market has become increasingly more and more saturated. Obviously. And with that, giveaways have become more and more popular. Particularly, I’ve noticed, over the holiday season. So much so that now I feel these giveaway series are no longer special and exciting because everyone in this industry is doing a giveaway series of some sort over the holidays.



There are trends I jump on and then there are trends I choose not to follow, and this is one trend I chose not to engage in this year. When I see too many people doing the same thing it almost, in a way, turns me off of that thing. I want to go against the grain and do something different; something different enough but still akin to exciting my readers. Unlike the copious amounts of holiday gift guides created and broadcasted by thousands of bloggers each year, I switched it up slightly this year by doing a holiday look book, with ‘shoppable’ gifts interspersed throughout. Much like the holiday giveaway series, which I’m considering doing now in the middle of summer. A 10 days of giveaways summer series. What do you think?

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