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Why I’ll Never Do A Loop Giveaway

Loop Giveaways opinion
Loop Giveaways opinion


Let’s be real, we all want more Instagram followers and finding “loop” holes {no pun intended} is one way many influencers are turning to, to gain a crazy following. To add, the topic of the infamous “algorithm change” has hurt most of us, so, at this point, I feel like it’s harder than ever to gain a following.

If you don’t know -which I feel 99% of the Instagram community knows of- a loop giveaway is a photo of a grand prize that is reposted on 10 or so Instagram influencers accounts, and you have to follow {and often comment} on each person’s account in order to be entered into the draw. Since the giveaways are posted on so many influencers channels, the exposure is massive and influencers are said to gain easily 5,000 followers and upwards. Thus, I can understand their popularity. But I’m here to spill some harsh facts {and opinions} that I believe actually hurt the influencer in the long run. I’ve spoken with friends who have done loop giveaways and what they’ve told me have only confirmed my suspicions.

*Note: This is a highly opinionated post regarding loop giveaways, this is not an attack on any particular influencers, rather my own opinion I’m choosing to share.*

  1. Your follower count goes up real quick, and then declines slowly for an extended period of time.
  2. Your engagement goes up real quick, and then declines slowly for an extended period of time.
  3. {I believe} respectable brands take notice and it hurts your authenticity in the long run. I heard something once that has stuck with me since the start of my blogging career: “Be a reflection of the brands you want to work with.” Everyone has different style, and different goals, which is what makes this industry so great! But if you’re shooting for higher end brand collaborations, I know these brands won’t enjoy seeing “spammy” type loop giveaways on your account. And even if you were to delete the posting of the loop giveaway {which most do} you still see a spike in engagement and then a major decrease. Respectable brands take notice.
  4. {In my opinion} is looks spammy/ tacky. I think the majority of the IG population look at those accounts as a way to gain a following, and, thus, lose integrity/ respect. Instagram, at it’s core, is a network to share photos. The content is what it’s really all about, not the following. Sharing unique, good quality content is what’s really going to get you noticed in the long run.
  5. Just because it’s popular/ trendy doesn’t mean you should give into it.
  6. Sometimes it really is a scam. I’ve heard of horror stories in which influencers will pay upwards of $500 promising they’ll gain over 50k followers, and fall flat with only 100 followers or so. Make sure to do extensive research before throwing your money away.


Like I mentioned earlier, this post is highly opinionated and I am, in no way, trying to offend anyone but rather sharing my thoughts and stories on the matter.

With that being said, I’m all for one on one giveaways! I think they’re a really great way to thank your audience for supporting you and your work. I sometimes partner with a brand in doing a giveaway because I genuinely appreciate my specific audience, and a giveaway is one way I like to thank them for their continued support. It’s not about gaining a quick following but rather showing your current audience that you appreciate them without making them follow and go through 10 different accounts.

Ultimately, your quality of content and creativity is what is going to make you stand out amongst the rest. Your following will come over time if you keep your content consistent and engage with your community. I believe every Instagram account brings different aesthetics; some share high res images, and others take candid iPhone shots; some like a minimalistic approach, and others like lots of detail. Keep your head down, keep your work consistent, and know your hard work will pay off eventually!




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